Blockchain Roadmap design call

Build your Blockchain innovation roadmap

FALKOR is a trusted, secure, adaptable data exchange out of the box. 

Complete with our team’s experience and expertise, Falkor is the blockchain solution Atos and BAE Systems are using to rapidly deploy proof of concepts to life with quick, seamless integration – while handling sensitive data in an assured, regulated way. 

Every business is unique. And so is FALKOR. 

To see how it can work for you, book a free roadmap design call with a ByzGen Blockchain architect today. In a little over an hour you’ll work together to create a first version of a practical plan for turning your DLT concept into a valuable business solution.
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Build your Blockchain innovation roadmap

Deliver innovation

Falkor is a leading-edge DLT solution that gets results, helping you exchange sensitive data securely and at scale. If you’ve built a proof of concept, or seen areas where blockchain can offer your clients new value – think of us as your innovation enabler! We’ll help you:
  • Discover where DLT’s can add value to your specific problem or process
  • Accelerate your blockchain based capability
  • Bring knowledge and continued value to your business with an innovation roadmap.
Scape rapidly

Scale rapidly

We’ll work with you to bring your proof of concept to life by creating a clear roadmap, and smooth process. In just a few agile sprints, we’ll develop and set up your DLT so you’ll be ready to:
  • Deploy tools and mechanisms that get your networks production ready
  • Deliver seamless integration with your enterprise systems
  • Engage your development teams
  • Make use of our ‘land and expand’ model. Once value is proven, products can scale quickly and into other areas or problem sets.

Build trust

Exchange sensitive data securely and at scale. With our blockchain platform, sensitive data is handled in an assured, regulated way. Our distributed system is resilient by design – as is our DLT cryptography. We offer:
  • Our DLT ‘Golden Record’ tightly connected to Threshold Encryption, and peer-to-peer validation
  • Encryption-decryption services
  • Audit at the push of a button
  • API integration
  • Verified permissions and access services.

Engage your business

Falkor won’t disrupt your business operations. Our integration is seamless. But we know you’ll want to reassure your tech, finance and sales teams. In our work with you we will:
  • Develop roadmaps, product documentation and weeknotes you can share with your teams
  • Use a sprint based approach to show value and opportunities
  • Develop and share case studies
  • Create clear pathways for incorporating and integrating your new DLT solution into your existing technology.
Hybrid smart contracts: an ideal Blockchain use case

Build new capability

Whether it’s tackling lack of developer time, bridging skills gaps, or moving beyond proof of concept, we’ve got you covered. We can:
  • Easily show your tech teams how blockchain can be used with existing services
  • Offer tools to accelerate the use of the those solutions
  • Work with multiple blockchain solutions including Hyperledger, Corda and Ethereum
  • Simplify things with just one gateway to blockchain and other services.

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