Blockchain Consulting

Supporting your use of blockchain to solve problems

With our expert consultants, you can identify new commercial opportunities, discover new platform innovations, and drive growth, with FALKOR SI, the enterprise blockchain platform.

As a team of blockchain and digital transformation experts, we can help you every step of the way. Starting with blockchain architecture, once your problem and solution are identified we move through to bespoke blockchain development, implementation, and integration. 

Once you’re up and running, we can then work with you on growing innovative new features, and support you with new use cases – widening your opportunities. We also offer pre-sales support, and expert help for new client wins, so you can keep growing your business.
ByzGen consultancy

Blockchain architecture and scoping

At this stage, you probably have some problems your client needs to solve, for example data sharing. Our experts will help you find a solution using blockchain and build a plan for implementation. 

It’s likely you’re aware of the need to incorporate blockchain, but need a bit of discovery around it, which is where we come in. We can help you map your use case and client problems to the blockchain features. 

If you’re further along the blockchain road, but just need help with deployment, a particular blockchain solution or feature of our FALKOR SI platform, we can also step in and provide expert support.
ByzGen - Blockchain architecture and scoping

Bespoke blockchain development, implementation, and integration

We help you build a plan, prove it works, and get results.

For reassurance, we’ll talk you through the range integration examples we have. Our high level architecture diagram below shows how your initial set of challenges can be supported whatever they may be, and where there may be potential for further integrations.
ByzGen - Bespoke blockchain development, implementation, and integration
At this stage we will also:
  • Help you map your use cases to what we offer. Perhaps you have a problem in mind but don't know what capability you need to solve it? For example, we worked with a global consultancy to deploy a DLT solution that helps financial services firms reduce the data management and sharing costs associated with reporting, by addressing the problems of data assurance, data sharing at scale, regulatory enforcement of format of data, and creating trust around complex processes.
  • Support your developers. When the time is right we will help you integrate with the FALKOR SI platform with relevant technical know-how and documentation.
  • Suggest other areas to work on, when that initial integration is done.
  • Offer you continuing bespoke help, innovation ideas and the confidence boost needed to win clients. 

Acceleration and building new business

When you’re up and running, we can support you with new use cases – widening your opportunities, and finding new opportunities.

Our consultants work with you on your FALKOR SI innovation roadmap. It’s not just one-off software advice, we offer wraparound care. The opportunity is that of on-going innovation, and bringing this to new use cases. 

Our work with Atos is a case in point. Initially our expertise was used for deployment, but latterly it has been used to facilitate deeper integrations, tackle new use cases and develop new business. 

There’s always a new area of innovation in blockchain to discover, and we will help you do that.

Blockchain technical pre-sales

We help as part of your team for early client communications, offering FALKOR SI pre-sales support so you can grow your business. 

As well as supporting new client wins, we can also aid any new problems, or simply advise and guide on business as usual. 

As experts who know every last detail about blockchain, we’re here for you. With the added benefit that this will keep adding value to your business!

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