Tackle business critical challenges with FALKOR our easy to deploy secure private blockchain platform

The commercial world is data-dependent and reliant on alliances. FALKOR SI is ByzGen’s proven enterprise blockchain platform - trusted by technology providers and system integrators when they need secure ways to share sensitive information.
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FALKOR SI, an enterprise blockchain platform from ByzGen

We make it easy to access, use and share data, securely

Rather than replacing existing data management systems, our Blockchain solution integrates with pre-existing backend systems to make the integration process as financially and logistically painless as possible.


We’ve already handled the complexities of Blockchain, which makes our platform easy to implement and scale across your organisation.
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The professional team at ByzGen are available to offer expert advice and technical guidance to ensure productivity, efficiency, and process management stay at peak performance.
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Case studies

Explore our case studies to learn how our Blockchain platform and consulting has transformed clients’ internal operations to achieve enhanced efficiency and security.
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Our enterprise blockchain platform has benefits across many different sectors, specifically in manufacturing and mobility, defence, and compliance and regulation (legal).
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We’re a Blockchain-enabled platform provider for organisations with a critical need to exchange sensitive and commercially valuable data securely and at scale.

Get in touch to learn how we can help you make seamless Blockchain data exchanges an everyday reality.
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About ByzGen

Our team have industry leading experience when it comes to implementing blockchain based data exchanges. They will guide you through each each stage of your project - from initial planning through to the implementation of your DLT solution.  

Learn more about ByzGen’s team of blockchain experts today.
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