Blockchain for Compliance and Regulation

Distributed ledger technology (DLT) bolsters compliance with real-time oversight and analysis capabilities. A credible, single source of truth in a distributed ledger is viewable on a need-to-know basis across multiple parties and stakeholders within an organisation or ecosystem.

Simplify Compliance with a Trusted Blockchain Platform

With automated data auditing, FALKOR bakes in a layer of transparency, while peer-to-peer transaction validation processes continually strengthen the value chain. The platform’s flexible capability to deploy using any cloud-based services further enhances the interconnectedness of systems and processes in the long term.
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Discover LogLocker -Preserve your most valuable digital records

A secure tamperproof ledger to store and protect your most critical digital assets and audit logs. LogLocker simplifies digital compliance and promotes trust with defensible data-backed proof for your customers, regulators and partners.
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Discover LogLocker -Preserve your most valuable digital records

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