Blockchain Platform

An Integrated & Agnostic Blockchain Platform

Built on distributed ledger technology, our agnostic Blockchain platform — FALKOR — enables the exchange of sensitive data between several entities at scale, ensuring high-quality, real-time data integrity.

Proof of Concept (PoC)

We recognise Blockchain isn’t a “silver bullet” solution for every business application. A clear project roadmap and PoC allows you to identify whether Blockchain is the right solution to tackle your needs.
  • Take part in productive two-way discussions with tailored industry-specific expertise
  • Establish an understanding of the platform’s capabilities and use cases
  • Test and prepare your team for new Blockchain platform implementation
Scape rapidly

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Creating the PoC provides a natural stepping stone to the MVP. Building on the insights from the discovery phase, we work closely with your team to successfully establish off-chain DLT storage systems and API integrations.

The MVP is an opportunity to create the first iteration of a tailored Blockchain platform solution that addresses pre-defined operational or performance-related challenges.

Post-Launch Support

Our team will help you scalably roll out the MVP across your entire company to add, unify, and connect data across departments to resolve pressing business challenges.
We’ll continually recalibrate your project roadmap to enhance other beneficial platform uses, deployments, and capabilities including:
  • Encryption-decryption services
  • Verified permissions and access services
  • Business model process services
  • Our DLT “Golden Record”, threshold storage, and peer-to-peer validation
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We’re a Blockchain-enabled platform provider for organisations with a critical need to exchange sensitive and commercially valuable data securely and at scale.

Get in touch to learn how we can help you make seamless Blockchain data exchanges an everyday reality.
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Ongoing Consultancy Support

A clear project roadmap equips you with the tools to accelerate the development process, allowing your business to benefit from greater efficiency, security, and smooth data exchanges in the long term.

The experienced team at ByzGen is available around the clock to support your team beyond the initial Blockchain platform deployment and technical implementations.
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