IoT networks and edge deployments

IoT networks and edge deployments are a great use case example for our enterprise blockchain platform, FALKOR SI. Here the solution can be used to enable the validation and verification of edge devices, whilst controlling access to output data, and providing provable audit trails.
Terry Leonard
Terry Leonard
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Use an enterprise blockchain solution to enable the validation and verification of edge devices, whilst controlling access to the output data, and providing provable audit trails.

What’s the challenge?

Several ecosystems now have multiple IoT networks that require devices and data to be collated, validated, and exchanges verified. For example, working with MindSphere (the leading industrial IoT as a service solution) there was a need to assure and audit data that was generated by several utility sensors on the edge, and control the transfer and access of that data to the appropriate users within MindSphere.

Why is this difficult without an enterprise blockchain platform?

Multiple layers of complexity exist in edge deployments: identifying the devices inputting the data, validating and transacting the data, and then later managing the exchanges and audit of the data to users who can realise its value.

What’s the commercial result of not using an enterprise blockchain platform?

Too often the end-to-end complexity is not managed effectively. Resulting in data failing to be processed, the network not being able to assure and validate the data is from the correct devices, and the data failing to reach the appropriate users. All of which result in the commercial and operational benefits of the data not being realised.

Why FALKOR SI is the solution

FALKOR SI enables the validation of the identity of the edge devices, verification of the input data into transactions, control of the data transferred to established cloud deployments, assurance that the data is made accessible to appropriate parties, and an incorruptible audit chain of the full process – from data capture to usage.

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