Blockchain solutions for the collection & dissemination of data

A FALKOR SI based enterprise Trusted Data Exchange solution can be used for the collection and dissemination of regulatory data, like ISO standards and certification, and ESG reporting. FALKOR SI offers standardisation and a single source of truth for all regulatory data. Read on, to find out more.
Marcus Ralphs
Marcus Ralphs
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Finance sector regulatory reporting & quality assurance

Use an enterprise blockchain solution for the collection and dissemination of regulatory data for example ISO standards and certification, and ESG reporting.

What’s the challenge?

Firms that manufacture and distribute technology products, need to provide regulatory and quality standards proof to clients, regulatory bodies, and wider ecosystems.

Why is this difficult without an enterprise blockchain platform?

Firms deliver proofs and regulatory reports inconsistently, often struggling to obtain the data they need from suppliers, different business units, and partners to enable accurate disclosure and assurances.

What’s the commercial result of not using an enterprise blockchain platform?

Poor data quality with a lack of visibility and traceability, leading to risk of non-compliance and poor customer service for manufacturers, agents, and distributors. Data sovereignty and security are also significant risks. A secure tamperproof ledger to store and protect your most critical digital assets and audit logs is a crucial part of business security. LogLocker simplifies digital compliance and promotes trust with defensible data-backed proof for your customers, regulators and partners.

Why FALKOR SI is the solution

It offers standardisation and a single source of truth (the Golden Record) for all regulatory data. Atos and ByzGen have already built a custom-made enterprise blockchain solution for the financial services sector which could be easily adapted to the manufacturing, technology, and engineering verticals.

Case-study: Driving transparency and auditability to improve MiFID II compliance

MiFID II is an EU framework implemented to standardise financial practices and protect investors in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis.

MiFID II requires financial service providers to ensure high quality data to boost transparency in the economic sphere. With firms encountering roadblocks at every step of the way, find out how TISA, in collaboration with ByzGen, aims to ease regulatory reporting requirements for MiFID II, with Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). 

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