Enabling Efficient & Secure IP Exchange Between Team Tempest Consortia Members

Team Tempest has ambitious targets to reach by the 2030s. Discover the role ByzGen plays in facilitating the seamless and efficient exchange of sensitive data using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).
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Team Tempest has ambitious targets to reach by the 2030s. Discover the role ByzGen plays in facilitating the seamless and efficient exchange of sensitive data using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

Team Tempest is a co-funded technology initiative launched in 2018 by the Royal Air Force and UK industry partners. Currently set to join the RAF fleet in 2035, the Tempest aircraft will deploy cutting-edge technology that replaces its predecessor — the Typhoon.

The initiative consists of a range of industry partners who are collaborating with the RAF’s Rapid Capabilities Office and the Ministry of Defence to develop future technologies for the next generation of air combat. 

To sustain and expand the UK’s position at the forefront of defence and aircraft innovation, the programme aims to ensure that the technological capabilities retain sovereign military freedoms.

As part of this Future Combat Air System (FCAS) initiative, the Team Tempest consortia members are actively delivering against multiple workstreams, including advanced combat air systems and integration, power and propulsion systems, electronics and avionics, and advanced weapons systems.

The multifaceted nature of the project has created a complex ecosystem and data-sharing challenges. Team Tempest is ambitiously delivering world first technical capabilities, which is why enabling efficient and secure IP exchange between consortia members is critical. 

Key Challenges Facing the Initiative

Team Tempest has its sights set on delivering a capable, flexible, and collaborative system that provides military, manufacturing, and economic benefit to the UK and international partners.

To successfully achieve those goals, consortia members must share IP-rich design models to turn complex, high-grade defence ideas into a practical reality that outperforms other global engineering competitors.

The challenge for consortia members is a reliance on insecure collaboration workarounds, limited digital connectivity, and fragile information exchanges.

Supply chains that lack classified and secure IT infrastructures are vulnerable to data breaches. On top of that, slow information exchanges create delays in design and engineering, while poor transparency and ineffective processes ultimately drive up additional costs.

How Blockchain Deployment Improves Collaboration & Security

ByzGen’s Blockchain-enabled platform (FALKOR) equips Team Tempest consortia members with the tools to share sensitive data, such as IP, model-based design, and trial/experimentation results between key stakeholders.

As an FCAS initiative, the project isn’t only commercially sensitive between partners — it’s also politically sensitive. Passing information safely and in an encrypted way using DLT ensures security remains a top priority.

The DLT can sit between consortia members’ systems to manage data sharing, establish a single version of the truth, deliver transparency, and provide permissioning quality with verified peer-to-peer data exchanges. ByzGen’s Blockchain platform can reliably tie together different internal teams, suppliers, and software systems to drive trust and collaboration across the whole initiative. 

Blockchain is a trustless network. This isn’t because collaborative partners don’t trust each other — it’s because they don’t have to.

With the support of an encrypted platform, Team Tempest consortia members can set organisational permissions preferences to determine who can and can’t view data. Permissions can be customised flexibly, granting access on an individual or departmental basis. Every user’s transactional activity within the ecosystem is recorded immutably in the Blockchain’s history, meaning only the right people at the right time can view sensitive information.

Benefits of ByzGen’s Blockchain Platform

  • Secure and full control over data. Blockchain records data exchanges and transactions identically across multiple locations. With DLT, all participants within an ecosystem with permission access rights can see the same information at the same time. All transactions are immutably recorded and stamped with both time and date information.
  • Enhanced transparency. Data is sensitive and crucial, and DLT significantly improves visibility around viewing critical data with encryption and decryption. Records entered can’t be altered, helping to prevent fraud and unauthorised activity — and improve transparency.
  • Seamless data exchanges in a complex ecosystem. By streamlining business management processes with Blockchain, data and IP exchanges can be completed faster and more efficiently. Documentation and transaction details can be stored off-chain, eliminating the need to exchange paper or physical hard disks. With DLT, safe, secure, and scalable data transfers improve traceability and reduce weaknesses throughout supply chains.

Discover Secure Data Exchange With ByzGen

Team Tempest is reliant on airtight alliances. As a Blockchain-enabled platform provider, ByzGen empowers defence sector actors and organisations to exchange sensitive and commercially or politically valuable data securely and at scale.

Blockchain streamlines data exchange by empowering decision-makers to collaborate effectively while improving the efficiency of operational processes. 

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