Commercially valuable and sensitive data exchange, in defence engineering

A FALKOR SI based enterprise Trusted Data Exchange solution can deliver efficient, secure, and incorruptible IP exchange for the complex supply chain ecosystems found in defence engineering. Our use case explains how.
Marcus Ralphs
Marcus Ralphs
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How blockchain technology can be applied to defence engineering

Use an enterprise blockchain Trusted Data Exchange to deliver efficient, secure and incorruptible IP exchange for consortia, business alliances, and complex supply chain ecosystems.

What’s the challenge?

Complex engineering and manufacturing, delivered by consortia (often with complex supply chain ecosystems) requires consortia members and suppliers to share IP-rich design models to realise the full commercial potential of a project.

Why is this difficult without an enterprise blockchain platform?

Clunky and insecure ‘collaboration’ workarounds, operating in ecosystems in which members often don’t have classified and secure IT infrastructures – and when they do, secure cross-network transfer is always problematic and inefficient. Workarounds invariably have no assured version control and data sovereignty, and limited data security.

What’s the commercial result of not using an enterprise blockchain platform?

Delays caused by lack of design and engineering transparency, and the speed at which the supply chain can respond to evolving demands. Which in turn, drives millions of pounds in additional costs.

Why FALKOR SI is the solution

A FALKOR based Trusted Data Exchange solution integrated with (and enhancing) existing data management systems (such as TeamCentre) enables consortia members and suppliers to efficiently and securely exchange and share sensitive and commercially valuable data – including IP, Model Based Design, and simulator trials or experimentation outputs.         

Case-study: Enabling efficient and secure IP exchange between Team Tempest consortia members

Team Tempest (a co-funded technology initiative launched in 2018 by the Royal Air Force and UK industry partners) has ambitious targets to reach by the 2030s. Discover the role ByzGen plays in facilitating the seamless and efficient exchange of sensitive data using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

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