How to query data efficiently using blockchain technology

ByzGen CTO, Terry Leonard, discusses search capability and blockchain, and how flexibility and performance is improved if searches are available off-chain instead.
Terry Leonard
Terry Leonard
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Blockchain and search capability

We’re often asked about searches in the area of blockchain, and how data that’s immutably transacted and stored can be queried in a way that is efficient, generic, and doesn’t cause performance issues for an application – or platform – by continuously and directly querying the blockchain. 

Our opinion is that you don’t apply those searches directly on the blockchain. Instead you create a framework where all data is validated and stored immutably as a core function using blockchain, but there is a mechanism by which searchable indexes are available off-chain. 

The bonus of searchable indexes, off-chain

It not only gives flexibility and performance around the analytics and reporting capabilities of a specific blockchain application, but in a wider platform with multiple datasets and client applications there’s also benefit from being able to run joint queries across many of these. 

So data and transactions can be validated and stored on the same blockchain, separate blockchains, and across different types of blockchain, based on the specific application requirements. Then, most importantly, the wider platform can run generic and joined queries over the data off-chain which allows for greater aggregation, and overall capability and analysis across a platform. 

Our FALKOR platform and search capability

Our FALKOR platform can

  • Run different layers of events within blockchain networks
  • Capture those events at the same time transactions are being validated on the blockchain via the FALKOR event listener
  • Push those through to a search service that can index data with the events to make it searchable. 

A dashboard can then be used to run generic search queries over the indexed data and provide results back to the client or user. This mechanism can also be used to run searches required for applications that are integrated to the platform. 

If the capabilities of FALKOR have piqued your interest, click here to build your Blockchain innovation roadmap. We’re happy to discuss how it could work for you and your business.

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