In the news: ByzGen and Atos showcase cutting-edge applied blockchain platform

ByzGen has been featured in June’s edition of Technology Magazine, showcasing the accomplishments of partners like Atos, who have used our blockchain platform, FALKOR SI.
Marcus Ralphs
Marcus Ralphs
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The special feature unravels the secrets behind the impressive work partners like EVIDEN’s Global Head of Innovation and Digital Transformation, Daniel Sinni, have delivered with FALKOR SI. 

“ByzGen’s FALKOR platform is built for systems integrators like Atos/Eviden”, Sinni explains in the article. “Our partnership with ByzGen is a perfect example of why it is important to work with a proven partner who understands how they can help us as a progressive digital transformation partner.”

“We’ll give them use cases, they give us use cases, and we iterate on that together. We have trust together built through successful projects with our clients.”  (Technology Magazine, June 2023, pp200-201).

Read the article and the rest of the magazine here.

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