ByzGen: moving forward with frontend development

Focussing on the backend capabilities of our platform, we’ve been able to validate our FALKOR SI product, and it is now being used by our clients to enhance their user facing application across their portfolios. By stepping up our own frontend application development, we can begin to enhance our offering further. ByzGen’s CTO Terry Leonard explains more.
Terry Leonard
Terry Leonard
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ByzGen are moving forward with frontend capabilities

Here at ByzGen, up until now our focus as a development team has been on the backend capabilities of our platform. These have included APIs, blockchain services, storage, encryption, an event listener, and generic search to name a few. This approach allowed us to enhance user facing applications new and old, in a repeatable way through one integration gateway for our SI clients. 

This approach has also been validated by our FALKOR SI product that’s been repeatedly used across our client portfolios. And we’ve seen other benefits too, in terms of enhanced client value within projects, winning new business, and continually being able to innovate in the space of blockchain, gaining new technology partnerships as we go.

One enhancement we are working on currently is to move into the frontend area. We want to develop our own user facing application that we can add to our generic platform capability and deploy as a component, if a given project requires it. 

We see multiple benefits to this component. Firstly it can be used to show our system integrator clients how an integration to our backend capability can be brought to their applications and users, and support their own application development. 

The frontend application can also be used as the way in which companies and users interact with the wider platform capability. For example, in a number of our projects there are SMEs who would benefit greatly from adding and retrieving data within the platform if they’re part of a supply chain – or to get more value from their data by collaborating with other companies who can work with it. So the frontend application can provide an accelerator to SMEs to gain those benefits, without development work required on their side. 

And lastly, it also gives us flexibility within larger consortiums to invite all different types of companies to engage with the platform quickly and efficiently. We see a hybrid in these consortiums in terms of companies that leverage the platform capability via API integration, and those that use the frontend application depending on their role or type of company. Later we hope to see this frontend application as an enabler to a self-serve and Software as a service (SaaS) approach for clients to gain value from the platform.

Core actions that can be performed by a user and the backend

Dataset management 

This ensures different data types can be treated appropriately based on how the owner of the data configures it to be used by other companies (and how they want it to be collaborated on).

Check out the screenshot below, and you’ll see the main configuration options are around encryption, storage, permissions, and if document tags can be applied to the data or not. 

Create document 

This allows a user to create data in their chosen dataset in the knowledge it will be added to the platform and enforced by the dataset configuration transacted. The data is stored in the platform backend and has a presence on the blockchain. 

Retrieve document 

This allows a user to retrieve data (if they’re validated by the blockchain to do so), and any decryption is performed by the platform and the data made available to the user. 

Update data 

This allows a validated user to work with and update the data. If the update is accepted, then the backend will automatically increment a new version of the data within the platform and on the blockchain itself. 

Audit data 

This allows for a full audit of the transactions that pertain to the individual data object selected. The audit includes actions such as create data, update data, read data. 

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