The Scaler programme: Eviden’s innovation initiative for Blockchain and AI

Eviden, part of the Atos Group, has expanded its Scaler acceleration programme by integrating three innovative startups: Rubiscape,, and ByzGen. These additions bring expertise in AI and Machine Learning, digital transformation, and, of course, blockchain, enhancing Eviden's capabilities in these fields and supporting its global digital transformation capabilities.
Alex Cawthorne
Alex Cawthorne
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Eviden, a leader in digital, cloud, big data, and security solutions and part of the Atos Group, recently announced that it has expanded its Scaler programme with the involvement of three innovative start-ups, including ByzGen. This initiative, aimed at fostering open innovation among SMEs and larger businesses, bolsters Eviden's thriving tech ecosystem with fresh expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and NetZero technologies.

At ByzGen, we are delighted to be involved in the programme along with Rubiscape and

Digital manuals, applied blockchain technology and AI 

Rubiscape is a start-up that offers a multi-persona, low-code Data Science and Machine Learning platform, enhancing Eviden's AI capabilities. It provides integrated tools for simplifying AI solutions applicable across various industry sectors. is focused on digital transformation. aids industries in quickly capturing and sharing digital instructions and training materials using video and multilingual text, enhancing the adoption rate of digital projects.

And of course ByzGen. Our FALKOR application is used by Atos and Eviden customers as an applied blockchain platform to solve complex network, data management, and compliance issues, particularly in areas like finance and supply chain, where data is sensitive.

Innovative data solutions at the heart of Eviden

These additions mark Eviden's commitment to injecting digital and data innovation into customer projects, extending its impact in various industries. The Scaler program, operational since 2020, has supported numerous start-ups, facilitating their access to international markets and strategic partnerships, thus playing a crucial role in Eviden's mission of driving sustainable digital transformation globally.

New blockchain-based solutions that manage complex challenges like compliance are gaining ground in enterprise clients. At ByzGen, we look forward to exploring this potential with our partners at Eviden. We’ll keep you posted on our progress!

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