How blockchain technology can apply to city living

A recent article in Cities Today spoke about blockchain’s impact on cities and how city governments can prepare and understand it. ByzGen’s COO, Matt Birks explains why this is important – and how ByzGen offers an affordable way to discover the benefits of blockchain technology.
Marcus Ralphs
Marcus Ralphs
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How can cities prepare for blockchain?

Despite its infinite benefits, there have been few blockchain implementations by cities so far, particularly in the UK.

But – interest in distributed ledger technology is now growing due to advances in (and wider acceptance of) cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, digital assets, and other ‘Web 3.0’ technologies.

In this piece by Cities Today, there are some interesting comments around helping organisations understand the huge potential of blockchain technology. It’s necessary, as many organisations don't fully understand where emerging technologies can help their business. 

Recognising this, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the City of Philadelphia has instigated a discovery process to help stakeholders better understand emerging ‘Web 3’ technologies, including blockchain. 

And speaking at Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona in November 2021, Diego Fernández, Secretary of Innovation and Digital Transformation for Buenos Aires City Government, said blockchain could create the same groundbreaking shift as the printing press and the internet: ‘today, every transaction is controlled by governments and big companies. Blockchain is going to change that. And this will alter society forever.’

City governments have been caught out in the past. Which is why it's so important to engage in the opportunities and the risks of Web 3.0.

And this is precisely why, here at ByzGen, we’ve created our Discovery product in collaboration with Whitespace. It offers an affordable way to understand what areas of your enterprise might benefit the most from blockchain technology. Furthermore, both organisations can support delivery through proof of concept and beyond, should any opportunities present themselves to you during discovery.

If you’re curious, why not take a look at what we do? Head over to our website where you can get in touch or book a discovery call.

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