How we are integrating IOTA into our FALKOR platform

The ByzGen development team have been busy bringing IOTA (an open-source distributed ledger and cryptocurrency designed for the Internet of things) into our FALKOR platform. Initially it was to support a bespoke client application, but now it can also be used by any future client of FALKOR. ByzGen’s CTO Terry Leonard explains how this initial phase of work with IOTA can benefit SI clients.
Terry Leonard
Terry Leonard
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Integrating IOTA into our FALKOR platform

The ByzGen development team have completed the first phase of work to bring IOTA into our FALKOR platform as a more public option for transactions and data – and to benefit from their alternative validation protocols. Integrating with IOTA via our FALKOR platform was initially to support a bespoke client application, but the way that it’s implemented means it can be used generically by any client of FALKOR in the future.

How does it work?

IOTA can be configured as an option within our platform datasets. A client can call the FALKOR API with data they want to transact in the IOTA dataset. FALKOR then deals with processing the data and creating a transaction on IOTA. This then allows our SI clients to leverage the option of IOTA through the same API gateway as all other FALKOR capabilities. 

Here is our first IOTA transaction generated by FALKOR 

Phase 1: How FALKOR can interact with IOTA

In our first phase of development we focused on how our platform can interact with IOTA. How calls to IOTA are managed by FALKOR, interactions with the other FALKOR services with the IOTA datasets, and how we can support the first functions of write, update, and read data into the public IOTA Tangle via the FALKOR API. 

This means that the client benefits from multiple different blockchain solutions like Hyperledger, Corda, and now IOTA through one interface, as well as being able to leverage the other services FALKOR has to offer, like the event listener, off chain storage, encryption, and generic search.

Transactions to IOTA through FALKOR

We now support write, update, and read functions from FALKOR via its API into IOTA, and back again. You can see from the below image that there is a way to configure datasets within FALKOR to have IOTA enabled as the blockchain solution of choice. 

If that dataset is then passed into the core FALKOR API call, the platform will ensure that IOTA is used as the validation for the transaction. It can also be the end storage place for the data if on-chain storage is enabled for the dataset. 

So if a client adds or updates data via the core API in the normal way into an IOTA dataset (see below), the platform will process the request made and then create a transaction on the public IOTA Tangle.

Once validated onto IOTA, FALKOR can then retrieve the data and prove the IOTA transaction on request via the same core API. The messageID from the IOTA transaction is held in the platform. The transaction with data can also be seen and proven directly via IOTA on their easy to use Tangle Explorer (below). 

Public or private data

Our final point is on private versus public data. Through just one platform a client can have flexibility. An IOTA enabled dataset will push data to be completely public. Or they can choose to have private datasets on the platform protected via encryption and permissions, to ensure the data is only interacted with by certain parties. 

We see these options as important, given the quantity and different types of data the client will have. 

How we can help

FALKOR SI enables system integrators and managed service providers to deliver a bespoke ‘out of the box’ Trusted Data Exchange solution to their clients. This allows them to share, exchange, validate, and manage valuable or sensitive data in a fast, secure, controlled, and incorruptible way.

Here at ByzGen, we offer a consulting service which means we can support system integrators through life as an agile partner to help solve their client’s most complex and critical challenges.

Our expertise is second to none. So feel free to get in touch to find out what we could offer you.

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