ByzGen are launching a new blockchain based events monitoring service

Here at ByzGen we have been busy working on a new platform wide capability in blockchain based monitoring. ByzGen CTO Terry Leonard explains the concept and the benefits.
Terry Leonard
Terry Leonard
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Introducing a new platform wide capability from byzgen

Here at ByzGen we have been working on a new platform wide capability in the area of blockchain based events monitoring.

The main concept around the capability is to have an active monitoring service that listens to data transactions that are being validated on our platform blockchain networks, and can push out events to an external, non-blockchain application that can receive and queue them.

These events can be subscribed to by clients of the FALKOR platform. And they can be used for user-facing functionality, by means of active updates from the blockchain.

Examples of validated data transactions captured as an event

  • When new data is written to the blockchain
  • When data is updated and its version is incremented on the blockchain
  • When data is read from the blockchain or off chain storage
  • Data being linked to other data on the blockchain.

User facing applications that benefit from an active push of events

There are various user facing applications that can benefit from this active push of events from the blockchain.

One of those that we are involved in currently, is where a user can flag that they want to watch a particular data object or dataset that’s transacted to the platform (for example re-insurance policy value). The application can then use our platform to subscribe to those events, and trigger a notification to the user via email or user interface when the data of interest is amended, read, or linked.

This ensures that there’s a mechanism in place to monitor specific data you’ve expressed an interest in. And you know it’s also been validated and had it’s integrity assured via a transaction on the blockchain too. So, as well as being able to control, secure, and audit data, this ensures FALKOR can actively monitor events around the data while it’s being worked on or used.

Extensions to events

There are also extensions to the type of events being listened to on the blockchain that can be applied and generically subscribed to via the platform. An example is if a user wants to watch for a certain status that’s reached in a tracked business process, or that a certain state of a business policy is now being enforced in an ecosystem.

We can also use the collation of these events as a way to generically search on blockchain transactions and their data within the platform.

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