Introducing FALKOR SI: The Enterprise Blockchain Platform designed specifically for system integrators

As we all know, collaboration is fundamental to success. And for collaboration to be truly effective between business partnerships, complex supply chains, or across business units – the ability to share and validate sensitive data quickly, securely and without fear of compromise is essential. That is why we created FALKOR SI.
Terry Leonard
Terry Leonard
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FALKOR SI and its application with system integrators is providing value for clients

FALKOR SI enables system integrators and managed service providers to deliver a bespoke ‘out of the box’ Trusted Data Exchange solution to their clients. This allows them to share, exchange, validate, and manage valuable or sensitive data in a fast, secure, controlled and incorruptible way.

Derived from the architectural principles of blockchain, and backed by years of development and prototype testing, ByzGen’s FALKOR SI has become the proven and trusted enterprise blockchain platform for some of the world's largest technology providers, hyperscalers, and system integrators.

FALKOR SI brings financial benefits:

  • The ability to win new business or enhance existing contracts with new capability and innovation
  • The ability to deliver client facing projects and increase client value within projects
  • The ability to continually innovate in the blockchain space
  • Delivers unique capability in the blockchain space.

FALKOR SI and Atos

Atos, a global leader in digital transformation, integrates FALKOR SI in a number of their digital transformation projects and product offerings. The Atos team chose ByzGen to help them develop enterprise blockchain solutions and showcase innovation in a new technology area. 

With a mature and proven blockchain solution in their hands, Atos were able to win new business and increase the value of existing contracts by bringing new enterprise blockchain capabilities to their clients.

Download the ATOS case study

FALKOR SI: high value blockchain use cases

  • Health & life sciences – where it enables digital medical and health record federation
  • Defence engineering – high value IP and design data exchange for consortia
  • Smart manufacturing digital hub access for manufacturing SMEs to data analytics
  • Financial sector regulatory reporting MIFID 2, ESG, and PRIIPs reporting solution
  • Carbon certificate exchange – streamlining carbon use value transfer  
  • Supply chain optimisation enabling the supply chain to respond to demand more quickly
  • Automotive design simulator data – expanding accessibility to simulator data & analytics.

How FALKOR SI works

Deployed as a fully integratable back-end platform, FALKOR SI delivers the core Trusted Data Exchange solution, enhancing and differentiating the system integrator's existing and future client offerings.

Operating as a Distributed Technology Access Point (DTAP) ‘back-bone’, FALKOR SI also boosts the capability of wider applications and digital platforms.

Each FALKOR SI component is contained via Docker, applied by Terraform, and managed on any cloud with Kubernetes.

The comprehensive suite of APIs gives immediate access to many data-focused services including:

  • Versioning and linking 
  • Tagging 
  • Dataset configuration 
  • Event Listener 
  • Event collation, brokering, and management
  • Permissions and policies 
  • Off chain storage 
  • Threshold encryption 
  • Multiple blockchain bridging 
  • Generic search

It doesn’t matter how big the client's business network is, or the sophistication of their IT estate, FALKOR SI delivers significant operational and commercial benefits including:

  •   Protection of intellectual property and commercially sensitive data
  •   Absolute version control
  •   Accountable and auditable histories 
  •   Acceleration of business processes
  •   Prevention of data breaches and GDPR risk

How much does this core trusted data exchange solution cost?

The FALKOR SI pricing structure is geared to system integrators achieving strong margins and sticky, scalable, recurring revenues – supported by flexible payment options to reduce CapEx.

FALKOR SI can be provided to system integrators either as a fully managed service, or as a licensed ‘integration ready’ solution. Both are backed by a comprehensive support service level agreement (SLA).

How we can help

Here at ByzGen, we offer a consulting service which means we can support system integrators through life as an agile partner to help solve their client’s most complex and critical challenges.

With years of enterprise blockchain, distributed ledger, decentralised network design and deployment expertise under our belt, our expertise is second to none! So feel free to get in touch to discuss pricing, and find out what we could offer you.

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