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Welcome back to The Frontier, November edition. Read on for all the latest ByzGen news and blockchain headlines, including our exciting new collaboration that’ll boost business for SMEs.
Terry Leonard
Terry Leonard
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Welcome back to The Frontier, November edition. This month we’ve got some new blogs, and of course our pick of the most interesting blockchain headlines from around the world. Enjoy!

First up we have a brand new blog all about the Smart Manufacturing Data Hub project that we’re involved with alongside Ulster University. The project has been specifically launched to boost the productivity and competitiveness of UK manufacturers, and will support small and medium size manufacturers to capture and better utilise their data – helping them increase productivity, growth, and sustainability. Currently up and running, SMEs are already being invited to join. So if you’re curious about how blockchain is involved, or indeed how your company can get involved, read on.

In the news 🗞️

Ledger Insights reports that Energy Web Foundation and its cofounder RMI are building a blockchain-based registry for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) certificates. Their aim is to increase transparency, and promote the use of more sustainable fuels. This work is part of a project for the Sustainable Aviation Buyers Alliance (SABA), and there are some big names involved in it including: Bank of America, Boeing, Deloitte, Meta, JP Morgan, Microsoft and Netflix. Anything that promotes sustainability is a good step from our point of view. This also links back to our blog on credentials, where we talk about blockchain streamlining the verification and ownership of credentials similar to SAF certificates. And how our platform FALKOR SI is well placed to help in this capacity. Our blog on tokenised carbon credits is also relevant.

In other news, this article from Insurance Journal discusses the benefits of blockchain to enhance insurance processes. Plus the huge benefits of blockchain operating on decentralised networks, which are more secure and less costly than centralised ones. However, the piece raises a key concern around companies not using data because they’re still afraid of how it could be shared – which is missing a trick. Accessing data is immensely valuable, particularly in the insurance sector where it’s harnessed to create usage based insurance models. Our platform FALKOR would eradicate any worry, as it provides an access based data exchange, and also a way to search and query the data from the blockchain – both key capabilities.

And finally, this article in the Recursive absolutely fascinated us. It focuses on the unlikely success of Estonia’s digital society, and its vast number of unicorns per capita. Did you know that Estonia’s startup ecosystem is one of the most successful in Europe? The piece unpacks how such a small country has achieved such a feat, and what other governments and organisations worldwide can learn in terms of approach. These include: 

  • Putting trust and funding into the private sector or smaller companies who are experts in given areas
  • Putting real focus on areas of innovation
  • Having clear and digitalised legal and compliance frameworks that don’t block innovation
  • An environment where startups can thrive and be appropriately funded
  • A more agile and flexible approach with interoperability a key focus for solutions.

And that’s it for November. If you’re interested in blockchain technology, be sure to follow us on social media @Gen_Byz on Twitter, or @ByzGen over at LinkedIn

Until next time,

The ByzGen Team

Marcus, Terry, Shristy, Rob and Ryan

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