The Frontier Newsletter - Edition #11

Welcome back to The Frontier, December edition – our last edition before the seasonal holidays! Read on for all the latest ByzGen news and blockchain headlines, including digitalisation, innovation in the travel industry, and why blockchain and sport are such a good duo.
Terry Leonard
Terry Leonard
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Welcome to The Frontier, December edition. Our last newsletter before the December holidays. If you’re in the UK, we hope you got to see (and enjoy!) some of the snow recently. This month we’ve got some brand new blogs, and of course our pick of what’s been happening in the wider world of global blockchain.

First up we have a new blog on digitalisation. How digitalised are we as a society? When it comes to big companies and ecosystems like governments and private enterprises, blockchain is the answer. Here at ByzGen, we’re seeing many large scale examples where our platform FALKOR SI could be put to good use. In particular the need for what have long been FALKOR’s core capabilities.

We also have a new short read on how blockchain could be the perfect technology to help us shift to a circular economy. Timely, considering consumer demand for sustainable products has grown by 71 percent over the past five years!  

In the news 🗞️

This recent article in Railway Technology interested us as it focuses a lot on the themes of security and the validation benefits of blockchain in general. Focussing on the travel and tourism industry being a ‘hotbed of innovation’, thanks to consumers' desire for more personalised offerings that improve their travelling experience, it talks about the collection and use of lots of personal, and sensitive data which obviously has cybersecurity implications. This is all very much our expertise here at ByzGen, in particular the security and innovation aspect. We very much see ourselves as innovators, especially when working closely with our SI clients.

For major sporting events, the benefits of blockchain are ‘exceptional’ according to this article in Modern Diplomacy. The transparency and security of data is a core characteristic that’s highlighted many times, especially when it comes to things like preventing fraudulent ticket scandals. From our perspective, the secure and reliable data exchange aspect is vital – and of course is a core part of our platform FLAKOR SI.

We’ve seen our tokenisation capability being discussed in a ticketing use case before, and we’re pleased that it’s starting to be seen as a solution to validate ticket ownership and exchange. All exchanges, transactions and therefore history can be immutably audited, which helps make ticketing fairer for all. Tokenisation can also enable a rewards ecosystem. And blockchain doesn't just benefit the supporter with experiences, rewards and promotions – but also the sports clubs themselves as new revenue streams are opened.

And finally, this piece in Computing talks about the importance of highly personalised and seamless customer journeys when it comes to the digital experience. Identity and access management (IAM) is a key part of the customer journey which is becoming more and more complex. But thankfully blockchain can enable this safely. Our platform FALKOR leads in this area, as it has brought together blockchain with the enforcement of access to data, but also around writing and updating of data. FALKOR does this by integrating with an application’s existing IAM, and validating and enforcing the policy from that IAM each time data is requested to be written, updated, or read.

And that’s it from us. Do have a happy and restful holiday season, and we’ll see you again in the new year.

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Until next time,

The ByzGen Team

Marcus, Terry, Shristy, Rob and Ryan

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