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Terry Leonard
Terry Leonard
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Welcome to your May newsletter. We hope this finds you well.

Firstly, we have two brand new blogs for you. If you’ve ever been interested in IOTA (an open, feeless, data and value transfer protocol) and its usage, ByzGen’s CTO, Terry Leonard, explains how it works in relation to our platform, FALKOR. Currently we’re looking at enhancing the overall capability of FALKOR by using IOTA, and you can find out how here.

Our second blog explores the versatility of blockchain, in particular how it can standardise water purity. This is a fairly new area for blockchain – in particular when it comes to safeguarding water purity data and potential tampering. Have a read here

In the news

Blockchain continues to break through into other sectors. This article in Inside Bitcoins interested us, as it talks about how Google Cloud is venturing into the blockchain space to support applications that require distributed capability. Vice President of Google Cloud, Amit Zavery, said the plan was to make the Google Cloud platform, ‘the top choice for developers focusing on Web 3’. 

Blockchain is also making waves in the entertainment and media sector. This article in Forbes, highlights how media outlets and companies like Disney, The New York Times, and Time have been able to leverage blockchain technology to change how they develop and distribute content. It also brings out key issues around IP protection and misinformation that we’ve been solving here in other use cases. 

In other news, blockchain is getting greener! This piece in Venture Beat interested us as it ties in nicely with some of our decisions around having a cloud first, serverless approach, and using the most efficient blockchain solutions in a given scenario. 

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The ByzGen Team

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