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Terry Leonard
Terry Leonard
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Welcome back to our monthly newsletter, The Frontier. Complete with a brand new moniker. We hope you like it!

But first – an announcement. Last week we spoke about our involvement in a brand new UK Research and Innovate (UKRI) funded project. And this month we can reveal a bit more detail about this exciting project. In short, ByzGen has been selected as the enterprise blockchain supplier for a new £50 million Smart Manufacturing Data Hub (SMDH) project at Ulster Uni, set to boost the productivity and competitiveness of UK manufacturers. Backed by UKRI the SMDH will support small and medium size manufacturers capture and better utilise their data, helping them increase productivity, growth, and sustainability. We truly believe this will be a game changer, and you can read more about the project here.

And if you need the lowdown on our Enterprise Blockchain Platform, FALKOR SI (the backbone of the UKRI project) you can check out our new blog here. FALKOR SI is designed specifically for system integrators and focuses on the ability to share and validate sensitive data quickly, securely, and without fear of compromise. It makes for streamlined and effective collaboration between business partnerships, complex supply chains, business units and more.

And lastly, for those of you who are interested in how FALKOR SI can be deployed, why not check out our use cases here. Our first is for commercially valuable and sensitive data exchange, in defence engineering. A FALKOR SI based enterprise Trusted Data Exchange solution can deliver efficient, secure, and incorruptible IP exchange for the complex supply chain ecosystems found in this sector.

In the news 🗞️

According to Bloomberg, interest in cryptocurrency has spiked over the last two years. With more people adopting crypto, another new trend is emerging – consumers linking their loyalty program earnings to it. The example here in The Wise Marketer discusses turning employee or shop rewards into a person’s cryptocurrency of choice.

Unsurprisingly, this is an area where blockchain can help. And we believe that there are other processes that could be supported by something like our enterprise platform, FALKOR SI. For example with our tokenisation exchange layer, we can manage the minting, transfer, and proof of rewards like this. Certainly any programme like this needs that level of assurance and tracking – especially if the rewards can be converted to currency!

In other news, according to a new report, Distributed Ledger Technologies similar to blockchain, will improve safety, cybersecurity and interoperability when it comes to automation and autonomy in air traffic management. According to researchers from Cranford University, new blockchain-style information sharing will make crewed and uncrewed aircraft in the UK’s skies a seamless and rather futuristic reality. Plus it's very relevant to FALKOR SI, as a number of our platform’s features are matched to this kind of use case. What’s really exciting is that the link between blockchain and autonomous vehicles is a growing area and can have real benefits.

And lastly, this article in Forbes about EU regulatory framework, Electronic Identification, Authentication and trust Services (eIDAS), and privacy in data in general, piqued our interest. With the rise of an increasingly digital commercial and social world, it unpacks the real need to have a trusted, all-encompassing identity to preserve privacy for private individuals and businesses alike. It's a familiar area to ByzGen, and has formed a core part of many FALKOR SI projects and use cases; mainly in terms of storing credentials and proving them, IDs, qualifications, and being able to prove and use those in a self sovereign way.

And that’s all for this month! If you’re interested in all things blockchain, be sure to follow us on social media @Gen_Byz on Twitter, or @ByzGen over at LinkedIn.

Until next time,

The ByzGen Team

Marcus, Terry, Shristy, Rob and Ryan

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