What is blockchain tokenisation and asset exchange?

A recent news piece on tokenisation prompted us to explore our own work in this area here at ByzGen. Other enterprise blockchain platforms are springing up globally, but our own platform FALKOR SI is primed to deal with the complexities of this area. CTO Terry Leonard explains.
Terry Leonard
Terry Leonard
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Tokenisation and asset exchange

This piece in the Coin Telegraph grabbed our attention recently, as it explores tokenisation and its use in asset exchange (as opposed to cryptocurrency). 

It's an area we're certainly engaged with here at ByzGen, due to our recent development work in the area of token exchange, that works alongside our own data exchange layer. The tokens can represent different assets and assure processes around them. The Coin Telegraph article talks about all types of illiquid assets that could be objects of this kind of processing, for example bonds, equities, property, carbon credits, and private equity. 

We’ve also seen use cases in the area of rewards and accreditation where it would be useful to track those as tokens, to exchange with different parties in a network. This use case has also required our data layer within our platform, FALKOR SI, to manage data that attributes to the rewards and accreditations. 

Most notably, the Coin Telegraph piece mentions the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)’s platform Synfini, where applications are plugged in. Which is the exact approach of our FALKOR SI product, where the hosting, blockchain, and capability built around it is provided – and the SI can integrate multiple applications to it through one integration. 

FALKOR SI: primed to deal with complexity

The article rightly mentions that there is lots of interest in this area, despite technical problems with the implementation of the aforementioned Synfini platform, which just goes to show the complexity behind this capability. Having understood these complexities for a while, our FALKOR SI platform is actually primed to deal with that level of intricacy for the SI. Not just in theory, but in practice – as our customers can attest.

‘Embracing emerging technologies like blockchain can be a daunting challenge for those without the necessary skills, understanding, and experience. But ByzGen’s FALKOR SI platform provides a generic abstraction layer that manages this complexity through simple, configurable and scalable APIs.’  

– John Hall, Head of Portfolio UK, CEO Office, Atos International

Other benefits to using a platform such as FALKOR SI include cutting costs, saving time on issuance, and making space for broader investment access via tokenised offerings. The general aim for our platform FALKOR SI is similar to Synfini – that it would be used by a wide range of firms, thanks to automatically removing variables for lots of companies (and that it is user-friendly). And these benefits have already been backed up by our clients.

‘ByzGen have identified an important niche in the blockchain market. That of how to exploit such technology in an easily accessible, understandable and maintainable way. Through their FALKOR SI platform, ByzGen did the underlying blockchain “heavy lifting”, so that we here at Atos could concentrate on the functional application of this powerful and increasingly impactful set of technologies.’ 

– John Hall, Head of Portfolio UK, CEO Office, Atos International

What ByzGen can do for you

It's certainly an exciting time for blockchain.  

Here at ByzGen, our consulting service means we can support system integrators through life as an agile partner to help solve their client’s most complex and critical challenges. Our expertise is second to none. 

If any of the above has piqued your interest, or you want to know more about our enterprise blockchain platform FALKOR SI, and what it can do for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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