Why big ecosystems like governments and enterprise need blockchain

How digitalised are we as a society? When it comes to big companies and ecosystems like governments and private enterprises, blockchain is the answer. Here at ByzGen, we are seeing many large scale examples where our platform FALKOR SI could be put to good use. In particular the need for what have long been FALKOR’s core capabilities.
Terry Leonard
Terry Leonard
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Why blockchain solutions are essential for big corporations

‘The mobility of digital data is called digitalisation’

This news article for Deccan Herald jumped out at us as it asks the question, how digitised are we as a society? It talks about transport, films, bill payments and so on, and highlights how so much of life is accessed as electronic information. It also goes on to say how governments (our largest service provider) are the least automated by a mile! It essentially unpicks the way we’ve moved from being a social architecture to being a digitalised one and how blockchain keeps track of all this data. And how we should extend this to include the digitalisation of governance. 

It was an interesting read for us here at ByzGen, due to it identifying the core characteristics that we first saw in blockchain when we were starting to develop our FALKOR SI platform. The other assumption we had made early on was that the platform could be applied generically to multiple digitalisation use cases for our SI clients, and this is also alluded to in the article.

The cornerstone of our FALKOR SI platform

The characteristics mentioned in the piece are transaction automation, tracking, and traceability, as well as the resulting transparency. These are the cornerstone of our FALKOR SI platform. 

This article also nicely summarises how blockchain can impact on digital data, which again has synergy with FALKOR SI and the use cases we’ve seen in the data exchange, data assurance, and value exchange areas. The description reads that blockchain makes data individually purposed, always verified, non-tamperable, and shareable. 

There are also a number of lower level characteristics mentioned in the article that have been relevant to our use cases and platform development. These include; 

  • Infrastructure being a public good 
  • Personal data and private exchanges of data 
  • Identities and self sovereignty 
  • Mobility of digital data 
  • Public Digital Infrastructure 
  • Privacy and private data use 
  • Inclusivity 
  • Statutory registries held by the government. 

We’ve definitely supported all of these in one of our use cases brought to us by our SI clients. 

The piece also talks extensively about governance too, in particular the need for blockchain technology to be applied to these often archaic systems. Equally it can also be applied to even bigger ecosystems and companies, which we are very interested in reaching with FALKOR SI.

What ByzGen can do for you

If any of the above has piqued your interest, or you want to know more about our enterprise blockchain platform FALKOR SI, and what it can do for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

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