Applied Blockchain is Growing, With New Use Cases On The Up

Enterprise wide applied blockchain is continuing to grow, with new use cases being found by businesses all the time. ByzGen CTO, Terry Leonard explains how these multiple use cases tie in with FALKOR SI.
Terry Leonard
Terry Leonard
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Byzgen explains why applied blockchain use cases are growing

‘While crypto markets remain volatile, enterprise blockchain adoption is continuing to grow as businesses find new use cases for the technology.’

– Daniela Barbosa, General Manager, Blockchain and Identity and Hyperledger, Executive Director at The Linux Foundation.

Enterprise wide applied blockchain is continuing to grow with new use cases being found by businesses all the time. Here at ByzGen we've worked on multiple use cases within applied blockchain with our platform FALKOR SI, including data solutions, data storage, data analytics, data exchange, and data audit. These have included blockchain implementations using Hyperledger (an open source platform, derived from The Linux Foundation that helps industries use and deploy blockchain tech) as the core blockchain solution used, so it’s interesting for us to read Daniela Barbosa’s expert view in this TechCrunch+ article.

Blockchain implementation: hybrid solutions

One of the biggest demands over the past two years has been hybrid use cases, according to Barbosa. Which is a trend we've seen too. Hybrid solutions are high on the list of blockchain implementation priorities according to many of our use cases. Here at ByzGen we’ve noted multiple use cases where combining and being able to bridge multiple blockchain solutions is the best fit for business requirements. In particular being able to seamlessly transact data and events in private or public networks, based on the type of transaction and type of data that’s generated within the particular use case. 

Why Hyperledger is valuable

There is a good validation of the use of Hyperledger in terms of the wider use of the solution, and the number of companies involved. So there’s justification for it being the core blockchain provider in our platform FALKOR SI. 

Barbosa’s intel also fits with what we have seen in terms of blockchain technology being able to bring together parties that don’t fully trust each other, or want to share everything with each other. But who still need to cooperate and be involved in the same processes for the good of their businesses, and therefore need solutions to ensure proofs, exchange certain events, statues or data, and exchange assets without compromising their privacy policies. 

What FALKOR SI and ByzGen can do for you

Here at ByzGen, our consulting service means we can solve complex and critical challenges, thanks to our exceptional enterprise blockchain platform FALKOR SI. 

If blockchain implementation has piqued your interest, or you want to know more about how FALKOR SI can help your business, please do get in touch.

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