How to find the right blockchain development partner

Blockchain technology is being hailed as the ‘new’ catalyst for innovation and disruption across all industries, with many companies keen to capitalise on its benefits. It’s unsurprising then, to find articles offering top tips on how to find the perfect blockchain development agency. We took a look at the advice in a recent Technology HQ article, and compared it to what we do at ByzGen.
Terry Leonard
Terry Leonard
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Finding the right blockchain development partner

When publications begin to write articles on choosing the best blockchain development agency, you know the blockchain industry is really taking off! And according to this piece by Technology HQ, blockchain is now considered an inevitable ‘trend’ and the shape of our future. 

Here at ByzGen, we see ourselves as a development partner to our SI clients, so we felt inspired to speak to some of the tips mentioned in the article. They definitely touch on some interesting points, and we thought it would be useful to compare the narrative to what we’re doing day to day.

Blockchain as a disruptive technology

The first point in the piece talks about blockchain being seen as a ‘disruptive’ technology innovation that's applicable to multiple industries. From our perspective, this means potential clients of ByzGen are possibly looking for a partner to develop and deploy what they need – in order to keep up or gain an advantage over their competitors. A pretty standard motivation, but interesting nonetheless.

Launching new cryptocurrency projects or coin offering (ICO)

The second prominent point made was that most companies are only focusing on cryptocurrencies and ICOs – which we don’t agree with. There are in fact, multiple use cases and capability development that we’ve focused on in terms of data exchange, data assurance, events management, and search. We’ve also moved into the token space recently too, which allows our clients to generate different types of token, and exchange, track, and retrieve those using the blockchain. So, in fact we can cover data and token layers through one platform. 

Checking out an agency’s track record

The article encourages companies to check out the track record of any agency they want to use for blockchain related technologies, and we would 100% agree on this. We believe it’s hugely important to show a history of proven projects in a particular area. And it's something we’re passionate about at ByzGen. Our use cases and case studies highlight the areas we work in, our achievements, and the fact we focus on systems integrators. Essentially, we know who we are, and where our focus is, and we have proven use cases and client testimonials. 

Given we are not an agency as such, but more a product / platform company, we have some pretty good benefits. This includes ‘ready to go’ capability, and different modules selected based on clients needs – both of which accelerate a project. We can also quickly iterate our platform to meet complex additional requirements. Recent examples being integrating IOTA into our platform, generic search, and events based monitoring.

Communication and project management

The project management approach is noted in Technology HQ’s piece, and we’ve found this to be a very powerful tool in our client partnership relationships too. We have a collaborative and agile approach, where we work in iterations based on changing project or use case requirements.

Again due to us having a platform, we can quickly get development running where the APIs can be accessed and called from day one, which really accelerates progress and grows confidence within the client and the project. 

We have core platform developers who are all equally proficient in the platform capability, and can support the client at any point during projects. Saying that – we also make sure there’s a key contact for the client to talk to throughout the project, as consistency is very important to us.

There are clear phases to the projects too, like POC, MVP, and continuous iterations which allow for changes in requirements. Plus, the agreement to only go live when there’s clear validation for the project or product that’s been produced.

What ByzGen can do for you

It's certainly an exciting time for blockchain development. Here at ByzGen, our consulting service means we can support system integrators through life as an agile partner to help solve their client’s most complex and critical challenges. And our expertise is second to none. 

So if any of the above has piqued your interest, or you want to know more about what we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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