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Welcome back to The Frontier, edition 15 – your one stop shop for all the latest blockchain headlines. This month, we discuss why our global future lies in blockchain, plus how data record keeping across all sectors is being transformed by digital ledgers.
Terry Leonard
Terry Leonard
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First up, we’d like to extend a warm welcome to Alex Cawthorne, who is joining the ByzGen team as Head of Business Development and Partnerships. With a background and expertise in taking new software solutions to enterprise customers, partners, and key vendors, Alex will be building on our success with system integrators, developing new innovative relationships amongst tech and digital transformation partners, and strengthening FALKOR’s product proposition with compliance and regulatory customers. 

‘The opportunity to join Byzgen at such a pivotal moment in growth and success is a privilege. Blockchain and the ability to provide a digital ledger is a critical enabler to allow organisations to embrace digital transformation, and Byzgen are ideally positioned to accelerate this transformation with FALKOR.’

– Alex Cawthorne, Head of Business Development and Partnerships

In other news, why not check out our most recent short read on what a blockchain-powered world will look like in ten years’ time. It would certainly change things for the better in our view, and be incredibly empowering for marginalised groups the world over. Have a read. Also this month we look into what sets blockchain solutions apart from conventional record keeping solutions – and why it could be the golden bullet for the future of data record keeping across all sectors. Say goodbye to human error and hacks, and hello to one of the most foolproof, trustworthy ways to share data.

In the news 🗞️

Blockchain in the HR sector has been in the news recently. In this article by Unleash, the pros (and relatively few cons) of digital ledgers in this area are unpacked. The main takeaway is that blockchain offers an immutable database that keeps track of recorded information, increasing the efficiency and accuracy of HR processes like recruitment, payroll, and employee benefits. Smart contracts are also highlighted as a bonus. Essentially the security and transparency that's offered by a decentralised ledger that’s accessible to both employees and employers, reduces time and redundant processes, and increases trust and security. The ideas around rewards and accreditation have been seen in use cases around our own platform FALKOR SI, as well as token driven use cases and data exchange. The cons lie in integration, but in our opinion that can be answered by API led integrations – something our platform, FALKOR SI is capable of. The interoperability point made in the article is also supported by FALKOR SI, as we have a public versus private optionality already built in. 

In other news, the agriculture sector has also been getting some attention when it comes to blockchain. According to this piece in Coin Telegraph, digital ledgers are reshaping the agricultural industry by increasing transparency, traceability, and efficiency in supply chain management and compliance. This very old industry can absolutely join the tech revolution, especially alongside other innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

And finally, onto fraud. By now, we’re all aware of blockchain’s infinite advantages when it comes to security, protection, and fraud, and this article in Nasdaq digs deep into the lesser known area of ‘title fraud’ – the falsification of public records to defraud you of your property. The main issue is that there’s too much readily available information online that criminals can get their hands on. It seems far-fetched but sadly it’s becoming more common, especially in the US. Our platform FALKOR SI has seen use cases in this area via work done in partnership with ATOS on a MVP application, which can monitor and alert nefarious activity around user identity and assets, helping to prevent fraud.

And that’s all for this month. If you're interested in blockchain technology, or what our enterprise blockchain platform FALKOR SI could do for your company, get in touch.

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See you then,

The ByzGen Team

Marcus, Terry, Shristy, Rob and Ryan

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