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Terry Leonard
Terry Leonard
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Welcome to your June newsletter.

Firstly, we have a brand new blog for you. Focussing on the backend capabilities of our platform FALKOR SI. We’ve been able to validate our product which is now being used by our clients to enhance their user facing applications. By stepping up our frontend application development, we’ve begun to enhance our offering further. Check out our new blog on the topic. And feel free to check out our other blogs while you’re there too.

We’re also delighted to announce our involvement in a brand new UK Research and Innovate (UKRI) funded project, focussed around smart manufacturing. You can read more here.

Blockchain in the news

As blockchain technology evolves, the distinction between different types is becoming more important. But the main highlight of this Scubby article for us, is the discussion around the hybrid model of blockchain solution where public and private transactions and data or tokens need to exist in the same ecosystem. We’ve increasingly seen this required in use cases, and it’s something we can support in multiple ways in the FALKOR SI platform. This hybrid approach through one single platform gateway is a big benefit, and allows both the private exchange of data and tokens, with the option of making them widely available when the time or conditions are right.

In other news, blockchain and fashion are having a moment. In this really interesting Forbes article on fashion, sustainability and the need for less waste and a more ‘repair, re-sale’ circular economy, ​​it’s highlighted that blockchain alone isn’t enough to solve the challenge. Data, standards, and many other capabilities need to be in place too, to fully support blockchain use cases. This has long been our belief at ByzGen, and why we’ve added services and capabilities (IDs, linking, and identities) that work around the core blockchain solutions themselves with FALKOR SI.

And finally this article in Irish Tech News on digital transformation projects, and the role that DLT is playing within those, piqued our interest. It mentions a number of key elements that ByzGen has factored into the development of FALKOR SI including APIs, cloud infrastructure, interoperability and collaboration. It also discusses challenges clients have to incorporate emerging technologies to drive the right value and potential solutions – again something we incorporate into our product development cycle.

And that’s all for this month! If you’re interested in all things blockchain, be sure to follow us on social media @Gen_Byz on Twitter, or @ByzGen over at LinkedIn.

The ByzGen Team

Marcus, Terry, Shristy, Rob and Ryan

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