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Terry Leonard
Terry Leonard
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Welcome back to The Frontier, your one stop shop for all ByzGen and enterprise blockchain news. We hope you’re enjoying August, wherever you are in the world!

First up we have a brand new blog for you. ​​The ByzGen development team have been busy bringing IOTA (an open-source distributed ledger and cryptocurrency designed for the Internet of things) into our FALKOR platform. Initially it was to support a bespoke application, but now it can also be used by any of our future clients. You can read more about how this initial phase of work with IOTA can benefit SI clients here.

We’ve also been working on a catalogue of use cases that show how FALKOR SI can be deployed – the latest being how enterprise blockchain platforms can help IoT networks and edge deployments. As a bespoke enterprise blockchain solution, FALKOR SI can be used to enable the validation and verification of edge devices, control access to output data, and provide provable audit trails. You can read more about this, and our other use cases, here.

In the news 🗞️

Can blockchain address the energy crisis? A recent article from Coin Telegraph suggests that our future lies in decentralised renewable energies or blockchain technology in peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading (Austria already has some pilot projects underway). But to achieve this, a trusted set of exchanges would need to be managed – as well as some regulation changes in certain countries. Obviously these things have synergy with the work we do at ByzGen, particularly the idea of a future where energy (as an asset) can be exchanged, and the need for this to be secure and trusted. This fits perfectly with the work we are doing with tokenisation and use cases such as rewards and carbon credits, and as a result we’ll be following this area closely.  

In other news, congratulations go to Wavestone who have just completed the creation of their 2022 Cyber Security Start-Up radar – a huge project that maps the UK Cyber Security start-up environment. We’re proud to have been one of the companies that Wavestone consulted about our core capability – secure data exchange. We’re also proud to have grown into other areas since then like tokenisation, public blockchain transactions and data proofs through IOTA, and event triggers from the blockchain.  

And finally, what’s next for the Ethereum blockchain? In this article and video from Coin Telegraph, Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum shares his long term roadmap to upgrade Ethereum with better cryptographic technologies, potentially for quantum resistance if they further integrate with zero knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machines (or zk-EVMs), and how he plans to ‘keep an open mind’ in regard to the future. It’s an interesting read for us here at ByzGen, as we’ve been discussing some kind of integration to Ethereum for a while, to potentially use elements such as zero knowledge proof generation at scale and other capabilities, to benefit our SI clients.

That’s all for now, folks. If you’re interested in all things blockchain, be sure to follow us on social media @Gen_Byz on Twitter, or @ByzGen over at LinkedIn.

Until next time,

The ByzGen Team

Marcus, Terry, Shristy, Rob and Ryan

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