The Frontier Winter 2023 Edition

Welcome to winter at The Frontier newsdesk. This time we’ll be digging into the pros and cons of immutable storage and unpacking the best strategies for cyber security, to prevent insider fraud.
Terry Leonard
Terry Leonard
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The Frontier Winter 2023 Edition

Welcome to winter at The Frontier newsdesk. This time we’ll be digging into the pros and cons of immutable storage and unpacking the best strategies for cyber security, to prevent insider fraud.

Industry spotlight - Microsoft Ignite special! 💡

Microsoft’s Ignite event, is an annual conference showcasing Microsoft's latest technology innovations. Expectations were high this year thanks to the importance the sector is placing on AI and the data infrastructure that makes AI both possible and reliable. 2023’s Ignite didn’t disappoint. Here’s what we learnt from November’s event:

Microsoft Sentinel - integrated data for security and compliance

Significant updates were shared about Microsoft Sentinel, a cloud-native security information and event management solution. The focus was on new partner-contributed integrations that enhance Microsoft Sentinel's ability to connect with and record various data sources, an area where our LogLocker solution plays a key role. These integrations include Cisco's visualization and analysis of threat data, Commvault Security's insights and alerts integration, Corelight’s ASIM normalized data support, and Vectra XDR's insights integration. 

Azure AI Innovations and responsible AI Solutions

Azure Machine Learning is getting updated, including the general availability of prompt flow and model catalogs, and the preview of integration with OneLake in Microsoft Fabric. These enhancements are aimed at streamlining the development of AI-powered applications and operationalising responsible generative AI solutions. Additionally, Azure AI Studio was launched in preview, providing a comprehensive platform for building and deploying AI solutions, with a focus on responsible AI practices. Microsoft also expanded its commitment to safe and responsible AI use by announcing the Customer Copyright Commitment for Azure OpenAI Service users.

Rethinking Cloud Infrastructure and Extending Microsoft Copilot Experience

Microsoft Ignite 2023 highlighted new innovations across Microsoft's datacenter fleet, including the introduction of AI-optimized chips, Azure Maia and Azure Cobalt, and the general availability of Azure Boost. The event also focused on extending Microsoft Copilot offerings across solutions to transform productivity and business processes. This includes Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365, Copilot Studio for customising Microsoft Copilot, and new capabilities for Copilot in various applications such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides, Azure, and more. These advancements aim to make AI more accessible and to transform productivity across different roles and functions.

Tech spotlight 💻

Blockchain-based tax compliance

More Microsoft news! A bit older, but our recent research dug up this white paper on "Blockchain for Tax Compliance", which outlines how blockchain can help government tax agencies and businesses become more transparent and combat fraud. Key benefits include reducing the cost of tax compliance through smart contracts, increasing visibility in transactions for improved tax collection, and fostering trust among companies to encourage compliance, particularly benefiting small businesses. This approach aims to modernise processes, enabling faster and more informed decisions in the realm of tax regulation. Microsoft

Blockchain and AI integration

Casper Labs, released a report titled “Blockchain Meets AI: Exploring the Challenges and Opportunities of Integration.” This report, based on a survey of over 600 IT decision-makers across the US, Europe, and China, delves into the interplay between AI and blockchain in the business sector. It highlights how blockchain is increasingly recognised as a key tool for enhancing AI applications, particularly in ensuring data integrity, security, and transparency. The report also underscores the complementary nature of AI and blockchain, suggesting their integration could be transformative for various industries. This development indicates a growing convergence of AI and blockchain, aiming to solve major challenges in AI, such as the 'black box' problem, and foster more responsible AI innovation. Yahoo Finance

Blockchain-based bonds

German financial institution KfW plans to launch fully decentralised tokenised bonds in 2024. This initiative builds upon KfW's previous digital bond offerings and showcases the potential of blockchain technology for enhancing transparency and market expansion. The move towards tokenised bonds represents a significant step in the integration of blockchain into traditional financial systems, demonstrating its growing influence in enterprise-level financial operations. The development highlights blockchain's expanding role in reshaping financial structures and processes within the enterprise sector. KFW

News from ByzGen’s world 🌍

ByzGen joins Eviden Scaler programme

Eviden, part of the Atos Group, has expanded its Scaler acceleration programme by integrating three innovative startups: Rubiscape,, and ByzGen. These additions bring expertise in AI and Machine Learning, digital transformation, and, of course, blockchain, enhancing Eviden's capabilities in these fields and supporting its global digital transformation capabilities. ByzGen

Why do businesses need immutable storage

We’ve been unpacking immutable storage and why it's a vital addition for businesses, especially those working with sensitive data. As with everything there are pros and cons to consider (which is why shopping around for a solution that best fits your business is a good idea) but at its core immutable storage is an essential element of an organisation’s data strategy. Knowing the data you store won't change and is immune to malicious meddling, means you can be confident about data protection, compliance management and security. LOGLOCKER

How to have the best cybersecurity strategy for insider threats

How do you detect, avoid and prevent cybersecurity threats posed by people inside your organisation? We’ve been looking at the three types of threats insiders pose, with real life examples – and what you can do to stay safe. When employees, contractors, or business associates have privileged access to sensitive information, being prepared is key.


That’s all for this time. Be sure to follow us on social media @Gen_Byz on Twitter, or @ByzGen over at LinkedIn.

See you then,

The ByzGen Team

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